What is SINA?
SINA is an organization aiming to recognize and honor Iranians with exceptional achievements.
SINA Day 2013
The first international SINA Day Conference was held on Oct. 12th, 2013 at Harvard University.
Who are the distinguished Iranians of the past?
Explore the achievements of notable Iranians throughout history in the various fields of Mathematics, Astronomy, Chemistry and Philosophy.
Explore Iran
Since ancient times, the land of Iran has been home to diverse peoples who have played crucial roles in the unfolding of human civilization.

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Know About SINA

SINA (Spirit of Iranian Noted Achievers) is an organization founded to formally recognize and honor Iranians who have made outstanding contributions to the fields of the Arts, Business & Leadership, Engineering, Humanities, Medicine, Philanthropy, and Science. SINA is a non-political, non-religious, and non-partisan organization.

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SINA Awards

SINA Award for outstanding Iranian achievers is a way of formally recognizing and honoring Iranians of today who have earned worldwide acclaim for their significant contributions to the world of knowledge through their course of life. All achievers of Iranian descent are eligible to receive the SINA award.

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SINA Hall of Fame

SINA Hall of Fame annually honors individuals who have made outstanding contributions to each of the seven SINA categories in the past, or those who have demonstrated commitment and dedication to advancement of education, health, culture, art, science and technology, in Iran or elsewhere in any corner of the world.

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SINA 2013 Awardees and Hall of Fame Inductees

SINA announces its 2013 award winners and Hall of Fame inductees. Four awards are bestowed to notable Iranians, and eight outstanding achievers are inducted to SINA Hall of Fame class of 2013. All of Award winners and Hall of Fame inductees have accepted their nominations and they will be recognized on the SINA Day.

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